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Discussion on the virtual high of industry price caused by network printing
Date:2020-07-04 23:37:58 Share:
With the development of science and technology, network technology has entered the life of people in an all pervasive way. Network printing has also emerged. To a large extent, this has provided convenience for people's lives. But recently, media reports have reported that the price of web printing has become the focus of controversy among the industry.
Network printing WTP (Web-To-Print), which first appeared in the late 1990s, is a convenient way to realize printing with the development of network technology and the popularization of network application. It mainly includes the prepress process completed through the network, and can also include remote proofing, and the online technical support provided by the printing equipment manufacturer to its equipment users. It is part of the network printing from order to order, to live ware tracking, even order and payment.
With the development of electronic commerce, people are more and more keen on shopping online. According to data statistics, only China's largest e-commerce platform (Taobao network) is up to 2 billion 800 million yuan per year, plus a large amount of Electronic Commerce printing to achieve a total output value of more than 40 billion. It can be seen that with the development of computer technology and the popularity of network electronic commerce, network printing is increasing at an annual rate of more than 200%. European and American e-commerce printing started earlier, accounting for 78% of the entire printing industry, and began to develop towards personalization, digitalization and stereoscopic development.
There are always some sober people in fanaticism. They see the price confusion in the network printing market. For example, find consumers who print suppliers' price on the Internet. It is also the 1000 color pages of 157 grams of copperplate, 380 yuan in the downstairs and text shop, and the price list of a printed web site called change net shows that the price is only 186 yuan, and the price is half the price. What's the matter?
Shanghai Printing Association experts said: China's printing industry is now fierce competition, the market is relatively low, so the price is ground gas, as for the price is mainly to a constant case, high prices in Shanghai and Wen shop because of higher artificial prices, different areas of printing prices are different, very normal. Relatively low price of mechanization is also high, is also the reason for higher labor costs, screen printing is relatively high, offset printing is relatively low. The low price is mainly to lower the labor cost and unit wastage, so generally speaking, the price of Shanghai printed shop is not too high, because the profit is not high.
There is also a great difference in the prices of printing shops all over the world, and internet printing is not all low price, but it is more affordable than physical stores. It is understood that many web printing websites are authorized by the printing plant, and most of the printed entity stores are cooperative relations with the printing plants. This is like the first class agent and the two level agent. The cost price is different. In addition, the entity stores also have to bear the cost of the stores and labor, and the price is not cheap. Mr. Sun, who carried out activities at the culture communication company, said: "our company had been carrying the goods directly in the printing plant, but this year it began to work with network printing suppliers." It is understood that Mr. Sun's original printing plant price is only 10% lower than the local entity store, but the price of the printing suppliers on the Internet is 30% lower. It may be a regional difference, and the printing market price of Wuhan is also lower than that of Beijing. Apart from price factors, fast and convenient logistics is also the reason why I choose web printing. Mr. Sun said that the online ordering of printed goods did not have the trouble of imagining. The regular print delivery cycle was about 10 days, and the goods received through the online order less than a week were faster than local printing.
Mr. Sun said he would choose network printing, in addition to price reasons, very much like their open and transparent way of operation: before the price of a family run to ask, now as long as the search in Baidu can find several network printing suppliers, prices are generally listed, and some websites have automatic quotations. Function, for example, in changing the screen print album, we only need to select the specification of paper, the quantity of printing and the process needed to select, and the system will automatically calculate the price, which is very economical.
Most consumers believe that, with the open network printing, it is not a concern that the price of the printing industry is not high, and can choose to cooperate with those who think the price is suitable.