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The success factor of enterprise investment by network printing
Date:2020-07-04 23:36:48 Share:
With the development of network technology, network printing and personalized printing have become the new force of printing development. China is more expected to develop the electronic printing industry. Although this market is the blue ocean of printing industry, there is still a long way to go for enterprises to enter the real profit market.

The first annual printing conference of China's printing industry has been closed, and the interrogation of &ldquo, web printing and personalized printing &rdquo has been heating up. Perhaps you are thinking and exploring about this issue. Shen Haixiang, honorary director of China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, gave the answer in the summary of the annual meeting of the electricity supplier.

“ network printing has a good prospect; national policy has created a good environment for the digital printing industry. China's ‘ 12th Five-Year planning ’ pointed out that digital printing will account for 20% of the total printing output value. ” now, the profit of publishing and printing in China is very low, especially the development of mobile terminals such as IPAD and IPHONE, and even more impact on traditional printing. Printing has been particularly advantageous. Printing enterprises need to find the right way to develop network printing. This market is very large, and there are many opportunities for enterprises. ”

Market positioning

Market demand is the initial driving force for the development of the industry. With the continuous development of the printing industry, the more fine differentiation of the production process is the inevitable trend of development, so it still needs to be considered which market as the entry point to enter the market. Printing enterprises need to find breakthrough points in market segmentation, such as product market, business market, customer market or region.

Product positioning

Enterprises should do standardized products. Jingdong stores sell standardized products. Ta sells so well because they know what products are suitable for sale online. What is the most important product of the customer? Similarly, for web printing, companies need to think twice about what products they want to buy online.

Attract customers

With product positioning and good entry points, how do we attract customers? This is reflected in user interface design and customer experience, which is very important. User experience has become a key word in the development of the Internet industry. Only a good user experience can enter the consumer's eye. In addition, this ensures a certain number of users.

Process management

Without standardization, there is no efficiency. Standardized process management is embodied in high efficiency, low cost, automation, including design, storage, transmission, order processing, printing, logistics and distribution and so on to form a whole system and unified management.

Brand reputation

Although printing is one of the traditional industries in China, according to the current market analysis, there are not many domestic printing brands. This has some inherent influence factors of China's economic development, and also shows that the brand awareness of our printing enterprises is weak.

At present, the brand of domestic printing is not enough. I have been in the printing industry for decades, sometimes printing needs can not immediately reflect in the brain suitable for the printing plant. Of course, brand reputation also includes services. Network printing needs online and offline integration, will combine orders, production and services together to create brand advantage.